I’m back… and I’m meandering

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been here….FullSizeRender Five years….Life has moved forward… I could never elaborate on all those minutes of life, of art, of finding my way, and sometimes losing it again. But I must go back to the beginning for some context…

When I started this blog in 2011, I had just retired from 31 years of full-time teaching, lost my mom, and embarked on a month-long residency at The Hermitage Artist Retreat in Sarasota, Florida. Almost everything about life as I knew it, wasn’t anymore. Most of my blog posts were written while at the Hermitage, initially to allow friends and family to know how I was doing while I was away.

Since then, I have been finding my voice as an artist, and have been blessed with numerous opportunities to teach and exhibit my work. IMG_2145But every so often, I find myself in the middle of a void…. not sure where I’m going… or why…. 3 steps forward… one or two back…but always a little more forward.  I grasp at straws, distract myself, cook, clean, go shopping… I meander.

So two things have converged in my thought process recently:

1- I picked up a copy of “The Wander Society“, by Keri Smith and realized that intrinsically, I am a Wanderer, both in a physical sense, but mostly, deep down in my gut…. I can’t call it spiritual or emotional…. maybe… soulful (more on that in the days to follow)

2- I’m always envious of people who have a regular journal/sketchbook practice… and I try to incorporate it into my life occasionally, but rarely consistently…. Sometimes I say it’s an essential practice, other days, it’s a distraction….sometimes I write, sometimes I draw, sometimes I collage…. it vacillates from practical to emotional,… from gratitude to task-lists…. but rarely does it propel me forward.

In being conscious of the Wanderer in me, I realized the connection of Meandering Lines. In order to give voice to my inclination to wander, it would help to document my observations….. so I immediately went to my journal…. a beautiful notebook that was given to me for my birthday three img_1391-e1496262232966.jpgmonths ago, which I began using almost immediately. The writing helped clarify my direction a bit…. or at least…. set me on a path to begin again…

But….the notebook is ruled… lines for writing…. no blanks for drawing… so...”I”ll tear those pages out and glue into a blank sketchbook”…”oh…. you have a half empty sketch book”…. and… “a pocket-size leather one, you’ve started and stopped over the years”…. “and don’t forget the Moleskin that fits into your planner that you take when you travel”.  In other words…. even my journal practice meanders.

So…. here I am…. this space… this page…. where I will meander through this life a little more…. and look for the creative connections to share with you…. I hope you will meander a bit with me.


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