Sea Grape… complete

I finally finished the Sea Grape. I incorporate a lot of techniques, both traditional and experimental.  I painted the seeds on a  sheer silk overlay which was first dyed.  The stem was hand embroidered directly onto the silk.   Underneath I printed the actual sea grape leaves, drew the tree,then  added hand and machine embroidery (the foliage on the tree is all machine stitching). Using silk is new to me…. I’ve learned a lot through doing this piece.    Although labor-intensive, I really enjoyed creating this.  Now I’m ready to move on to something new.

Colors that sparkle

Although it is already three weeks into summer, today I feel like I first stepped foot into my summer vision.  I ordered silk organza, and some semi-sheer cottons to dye.  Using vinegar as a pre-soak for the silk, I dyed the organza with some beautiful, jewel like colors.  The cottons also came out with some rich, variegated hues…. absolutely delicious…. and I have learned more about process.